Universal and OEM commercial dishwasher thermoststs. Comenda thermostats. Bi-metalic thermostats

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Univ Adj T/Stat 0-90C 1.5M cap 100mmx6mm bulb 250vAC

Product no.: CP.TS.7785

£15.64 *
In stock

Univ Adj EGO T/Stat 30C-96C 1M cap 95mmx6mm bulb 250vAC

Product no.: CP.TS.7758

£16.33 *
In stock

Bimet Therm 48/58 COMENDA 120509

Product no.: CP.TS.7593

£15.64 *
In stock

T/Stat. Fryer. 70-180°C 6mm Probe. 600mm Capillary. NO

Product no.: CP.TS.FRY5720

£20.00 *
In stock

Thermostat. Adjustable Temp Range 82C - 96C. (EB3)

Product no.: 5513212370

£20.70 *
In stock

SPhase Adj T/Stat 0 - 90C 1.5M cap 6mm x 95mm Bulb

Product no.: CP.TS.7790

£20.44 *
In stock

Safety T/Stat 90C-110C 1.0M capill 85mmx6.5mm Bulb 250V16A

Product no.: CP.TS.1106037

£22.01 *
In stock

Tank Therm Adj 0-90C 230VAC COMENDAFC53 L/A 6T

Product no.: CP.TS.7590

£22.77 *
In stock

TStat Adj Temp 0-90 C 1.0M x threadbulb 220VAC

Product no.: CP.TS.7574

£26.06 *
In stock
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