1 1/2" AutoReset GasSV EN161 A2 AL Gas TP IP54 230VAC Filter

1 1/2" AutoReset GasSV EN161 A2 AL Gas TP IP54 230VAC Filter

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  • Gas Solenoid Valves are used for safety and control of gas for shut-off in gas feed pipes
  • Suitable for various gasses, including Natural gas, Propane and LPG
  • ¼” Inlet and outlet plugs suitable for CPI switch, pressure guage, connection to proving and interlock systems


  • Two-way, normally-closed – energise to open.
  • Rapid opening.
  • Mounting direct on pipeline more or less 90 degrees (max) from the vertical axis.


  • Opening time <1 second.
  • Closing time <1 second.
  • Max number of operations : 20 per minute.
  • ¼” Inlet and outlet plugs.
  • Incorporated AISI 303 steel mesh filter.
  • Cable entry gland PG11 Live, Neutral, Earth.
  • Protection to IP54
  • NBR based seal with a strong resistance to hydrocarbons (UNI 4916-74).
  • Bodies and flanges in diecast aluminium.
  • AISI 302 steel pressure spring.
  • Chromate Fe 37 steel armature.
  • Ambient temperature -15°C to 60°C.
  • Coil temperature about 70°C


  • Class “A” BS EN161:2002 Approved.
  • British Gas & European Standards.
  • 90/396/EEC - 73/23/EEC - 89/336/EEC .
  • Certifcate CE EC-87/07/009.


  • Supply voltage 230V (+10%-15%) 50-60Hz.
  • 24 Vac also available upon request.
  • Coils to Class F, 360° rotation, suitable for permanent excitation

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