Laundry Levels Module - Ecowash System

Laundry Levels Module - Ecowash System

Product no.: EWML000000000

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Manufacturer Aqua S.p.A OEM Code: EWML000000000

Technical Specification:

  • Standard chemical level monitoring module for laundry component systems
  • Up to a maximum of 10 chemical levels can be monitored with this one unit
  • 12 LED user interface display to give warning of low chemical
  • Information is passed to the Standard Console Module (if included) and on the Central Module for additional display
  • Low voltage power supply from the central module


  • Alarm Status: When a chemical product has finished an alarm is triggered by one of the probes. The corresponding LED on the console display turns ON and the entire system goes into 'level alarm status'
  • Once the alarm is triggered the alarm relay output (if programmed) and the powered relay output are activated on the central console module
  • An Alarm message and internal buzzer are activated on the standard console (if included.)
  • Level Probes: The probes that are connected to the level module are of a NON POWERED ON/OFF contact type
  • A delay time to recognise the finished product can be set on the Aquaware for Ecowash programme. This will avoid false level alarms
  • The type of probe contact can also be manually selected. Either NO - Normally Open or NC - Normally Closed

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