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Intelligas MSC101 Multi Service Controller

The MSC101 is a microprocessor based multi services & multi function controller. It provides not only the control of building services but also compliance with building bulletin 101 (carbon dioxide levels in classrooms). This makes the unit ideally suited to the school laboratory environment for example.

The capabilities of the MSC101 may at first sound complicated but the functionality of the unit is controlled by dip switches mounted on the main PCB and are simple to set up. We've taken care of the complicated bit in the software, so installers don't have to. As always clear and concise instructions are provided as is the 24 hour technical support line.

We think we've got all bases covered but as always we can provide bespoke software to satisfy all requirements. The unit is future proofed as extra interlock terminals and 0 - 10v outputs are provided. The unit can process 0 - 10v inputs or switched inputs making it completely "open protocol" meaning virtually any sensors existing or new can be connected and work effectively to satisfy the regulations.

The system can be wired to communicate with building BMS systems and there are terminals for the external switching on and off of the system. This means the system can be shut off at the end of the day to ensure energy wastage is kept to a minimum and gas and electric services are safely isolated.

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